photographer & adventure seeker 

A lover of romance, Morgan has always admired the special bond that people in love share. This, plus a desire for capturing beautiful moments in their raw and natural essence, naturally led her into the world of wedding photography. 
Morgan's interest in photography can be traced back to her family, with her father and grandfather both having had a solid presence behind the camera. Her early exposure to photography sparked her interest in memories.
Morgan's beginnings in film photography have left a rare imprint on her work. She developed the trait of being an intentional artist. She learned the power of capturing small details that often get missed. These are some of the elements that draw on real emotions. She welcomes the tears, the partying, the dancing, the hugs, and all the traits that make lovers and families unique. Her photography style is characterized by a fresh unconventional approach to the traditional world of weddings, but she also appreciates and creates the classics. She strives for every photography album to be tailored to the clients as no two couples are the same. Morgans personal style is "Anti-Bride"; For the couples who love classic cozy energy but have a little nyc/chicago glamorous rock star in them. She is inspired by city life + lights, Parisian glam, and the country side. 
A native of Houston, Morgan has established herself as one of the premier wedding photographers in the area and is known to finish weddings as friends with many of the bridal party and family members. She enjoys involvement with her client's wedding process because it leads to lifelong relationships and a fun, relaxed wedding day. 
Morgan is proficient in documentary and fine art photography, allowing her to capture the essence of her subjects, tell unique stories, and create artful images. Her work aims to evoke a sense of who she and her clients are, creating a personal and emotional connection for all involved through her photographs.

Some of my favorites:
- A good vinyl playing on the turn table
- Lavender Tea
- Chocolate covered almonds
- Quiet Sunday mornings 
- Music of all types!! (give me everything from the Blues, The Verve, Metal, Nicki Minaj, George Strait, The Who, 21 Savage, all the way over to Elton John)
- Amalfi Italy
- Fuzzy Socks and Candles