photographer & adventure seeker 

A lover of romance, Morgan has always admired the special bond that people in love share. This, plus a desire for capturing beautiful moments in their raw and real essence, naturally led her into the world of wedding photography. She picked up a camera at the age of 15 and knew this is what she wanted to do; capture and create the stories of those in love. You will notice a unique touch to her work that sets her apart thanks to her beginnings in film photography. She learned the power of capturing small details that often get missed, but these are some of details that draw on real emotions. A native of Houston, Morgan has established herself as one of the premier wedding photographers in the area and is known to finish weddings as friends with much of the bridal party. She enjoys becoming friends with her clients because it leads to life long relationships as well as a fun and relaxed wedding day. 
Morgan is passionate about love and letting the moments come naturally. She hopes that in the photographs she takes that you are able to feel a sense of who she and the subjects are. 

Some of my favorites:
- Queso + Margs
- Chocolate covered almonds
- Music of all types!! (give me everything from the Blues to Elton John to alternative to 21 Savage)
- Amalfi Italy
- Fuzzy Socks and Candles

Photograph by Carl Fehres



In 2021 my family lost our father, grandfather, and our papa. Ironically these men all had a love for capturing the moment. My father enjoyed photography, my grandad enjoyed videography and capturing home movies, my papa was a most talented painter and photographer. These men inspired me to take my love for art and make it a living. Although they are no longer here on earth, I can almost feel their love for me soar within my heart during every father daughter dance or walk down the aisle that I photograph.

The love I have for my family



Moments and memories are so special to me. As stated in my previous slide, the loss of the most admirable men in my life before any family weddings had taken place in life; has given me the knowledge to always capture photographs of your grandparents, loved elderly, and children at your wedding. Memories are so special, the ability to capture them in a photograph for my clients is something I am forever grateful for. 

The important moments


Haley & Kaylin

My sisters, The two most inspiring and sweet brides i've ever known. They have both been so supportive of me since the start of this adventure of a business. They inspire me everyday. My most favorite brides.

My lovely older sisters



With much love for everything listed above, I have always had a love for vintage items and small quiet moments. The moment right before a couple kisses at the alter for the first time, it is silent in hope, prayers, and appreciation for the couple. Almost as when you are at the highest peak of a mountain enjoying the sun and air. It is the most special.

35mm Film, Hiking, heirlooms, Lemons, & Gardens